About us

Geomodels is based in Tbilisi, Georgia. A youthful and dynamic organization was founded in 2006 in the light of group management experience. Over this period it has evolved into the cutting -edge fashion agency it is today. Geomodels represent professional models and at the same time represent new faces. Amongst its clients the most prestigious names in the world of fashion.

Organization meets the exacting demands of the global model industry while affording its models not only essential career management but also more general help and guidance when needed.

In an exuberant and fiercely competitive environment Geomodels offer efficiency and professionalism with a dash of civility. We take ourselves very seriously indeed but only when it comes to business.


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Pekini st. № 2, 4th entrance, 2nd floor, Tbilisi, Georgia

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+ 995 595209889